Time to rebel

The undying and ever unfolding legacies of the women and girls from all over the world who dared to rebel against cards stacked against them is what fuels our fire and inspires us. Harnessing this fire and the visionary ideas of master goldsmith Suzanne “Suzie” Färnert and her apprentice Elvira Bergman, Rebel Suzie was born.

Our rebellion is against an industry where fake crystals are celebrated as being authentic and valuable and plastics are second nature. With a pursuit of creating everlasting, genuine and sustainable jewelry for every woman and every occasion, we aim to bring truly fine jewelry into the lives of all women with our One Creole, Endless Styles.

Inspired by

The original rebels

The inspiration for our work is drawn from all the rebel women and girls of the world. From the heroines who stand their ground, who do not back down in the face of adversity and make their voices heard. Women who dared claim the world as their own in the past, who are fighting today, and those who will undoubtedly follow in the future.

The name Rebel Suzie comes from one such woman. Our own true rebel, Suzanne “Suzie” Färnert, was one of the first female master goldsmiths in Sweden. She’s been working tirelessly for nearly five decades, paving the way for women in an industry traditionally run by men. Always following her passion for genuine materials whilst making the most intriguing pieces of art, she’s been a continual rebel against false and fake jewelry.

In her spirit, we’ve named all of our jewelry after some of the sensational rebels through history. And now we come to you, our everyday rebel and heroine. We might not know you yet, but your story is worth knowing. Dare to go after your dreams, and never stop rebelling.

One creole, endless styles.