Into the alley
Our atelier is located in the Swedish town of Uppsala, more specifically in S:t Eriks Gränd (S:t Eriks alley). In our historic alley neighboring the 13th century cathedral, the artistic craft of creating jewelry has been occurring for centuries. Just around the corner you’ll find the river Fyris where Carl Linnaeus cultured pearls back in the 18th century. Unlike other houses in the alley, the location of our workshop and atelier once used to serve as a private school for the famous king-to-be Gustav Vasa. Today however, nobody but the ones inquiring about glass crystals get schooled.

Almost five decades ago, Suzie opened her workshop in S:t Eriks Gränd. This is where she started the journey that would lead us to where we are today. In 2018, Suzie met Elvira and took her on as an apprentice. Once they started working together, things fell into place and the vision of bringing the concept of Rebel Suzie and the One Creole, Endless Styles to the world was born.

Ode to the rebels

Rebel Suzie is named after our own original rebel, Suzanne “Suzie” Färnert. All of our jewelry is named after the rebels who inspire us, both in everyday life as well as throughout our creative process. This is an ode to the originals. To the past and present rebel women, our everyday heroines, and the rebellious ones who will follow in the future.


We want to work with nature, not against it. For a product to be sustainable, longevity is key. The Rebel Suzie concept is to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that will last through the ages. That means no plastics or factory-made crystals and no metals that will tint your skin. We pride ourselves on using exclusively genuine materials and recycled ore that are ethically sourced with fair working conditions.


Our jewelry is designed and receives the finishing touches at our workshop, with materials sourced globally. In order to supply remarkable quality, we collaborate with partners all over the world. With impeccable expertise, our partners excel in their fields and we share a love of true, genuine materials. We have high standards when it comes to our own place of work and apply the same rigorous norms on our partners. The right to a fair wage and good working conditions is required. Without our craftsmen there would be no Rebel Suzie and we are proud to support these accomplished men and women.

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